Information and Telecommunication Engineering (ITE) dept.

This Information and Telecommunication Engineering (ITE) by January 2004. This is because the progress of ITE related activities has now become the driving force for social and economic development all over the world. Global trade in ICT production is growing more than 20% as against 12% growth in total global trade in goods.

Development of ITE and e-commerce has become a focal point for policy planners, administrators, businessmen, defense personnel, navigators, industrialists, agriculturists, local Governments and ICT practitioners from both developed and developing countries.

The students and teachers took part in ACM programming contest successfully held in different universities both at home and abroad. DIU also sponsored ICCIT for two years and the research articles of the faculties have been published in the proceedings of the conference. So far 85 students have passed and 350 are reading under the able guidance of the 37 teachers of CSE & ITE Departments.